Saturday, August 18, 2012

St. Louis Trip 2012: Grant's Farm

My brother Aaron was able to pull away one morning from the surveillance detail he was on at work and join us at Grant Farm. It is a 281 acre ancestral farm of the Anheuser-Busch family that had at one time been farmed by president U.S. Grant and was subsequently named Grant's Farm and turned into a wildlife refuge/petting zoo for the public. It began with a free train ride around the farm to see the various herds of animals kept on the property and then ended at a more formal zoo area with a large goat feeding/petting area. The goats were very bold and kept trying to eat our clothes and climb up the boys. The boys thought it was awesome and Thea Belle's cautiousness was superseded by her love of all things animal. This place and the transportation museum we went to on our last day in St.Louis were my favorite trips-within-our-trip while we were there. But this one was best because my entire family (minus Rebekah who couldn't get off work to join us) was there. Though I didn't get any photos of the bird show we went to here, that was pretty neat with a Bald Eagle and Parrot and Owl and Peacock and Chickens and Pig and Pet Rats too. I think the kids and adults both enjoyed it.

Eating Brad's shorts


Grant right next to the fence there...Lindsey and Lincoln behind him

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