Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cool Stuff & My Boots Are Ordered!!!!

So here are some neat things I have found over the last few months as I've been following different blogs. I did a horrible job of recording where I found them so I will try to guess. First, I love this monster hat! I'm pretty sure it's from the blog Rockstar Diaries.

I love this felted wool snowsuit. I found it on the blog Smaller.

These tutus are made by Tutu Monde and I found them also on Smaller.

I love the idea of this lofted bed (-- though the room itself is totally wrong for it.) I think I found it on Apartment Therapy.

These lovely cloth flowers are made by EmersonMade (I *LOVE* their clothes especially their jeans and blazers). Unfortunately, they no longer sell these flowers though I found a pretty awesome tutorial on how to make them.

I saw this crib re-fashion on Apartment Therapy. Isn't it a cool idea?

My dream winter boots. I am saving up for them for next year, maybe.

Another awesome tree-house bed!

I sold my four-seater stroller last week and ordered my dream boots the same day. Hooray and Hallelujah! They are Steve Madden for Piperlime, named Natalee. They will come mid-October. 

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erizabat said...

those pink boots are out of control.