Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thea Belle's Celebration!

On Sunday afternoon we decorated and pulled together the last parts of Thea Belle's birthday party. I made a paper pennant garland with deep purples, burgandies, golds, and oranges. Then I found this duvet cover at Ikea in the perfect colors. The flowers my mom and I put together on a trip to Bachmann's flower store the day before. I finished her one-year photo album earlier in the week. (I still have the last few pages to finish with the pictures from her party.) I never did find an album cover that was right for her, but I found this pretty red gerber daisy paper from PaperSource and ended up using it to cover a regular album (from Target). Although I set up a table inside, it was so nice that afternoon, we decided to move everyone outside.

Thea Belle's birthday dress including the flower is made from Anna Maria Horner's fabric. The buttons up the back are vintage ones from my Grandmother Trout (my mom's mom). I used one of Thea's dresses from Target as my guide in sewing it. It turned out okay -- wish I had made it a bit bigger so she could wear it longer, but still, it was a good Birthday Party Dress. (Maybe later I will try to show you how I put it together and get better pictures of it, if anyone is interested.)

(My sister got this pretty picture of Thea as I was getting her ready.)

My mom and dad talking and Atticus and my niece Lilly crafting it up while we wait for our guests.

I love that this is what my living room looked like when everyone arrived. I *LOVE* when kids make stuff!!!!

Eric & Liz Berget and my sister Bekah looking through the photos of Thea's first year.
Eric Miller and Brad grilling and the kids having fun chatting while they wait.

Atticus & Dietrich made the paper sunflowers on the table in the front. Hooray!

People eating! my brother Aaron and sister-in-law Lindsey are at the back table with my mom.

Eric Berget took these pictures of me bringing out Thea's cupcake and of Thea happy (above and below). I think the one below is my favorite one from her party.

Dietrich and Lilly getting into it.

My nephew Grant...serious. Seriously needing some face frosting.
Rose Miller was being so cute...and I wanted to get her picture, but I accidentally let her know I was taking her picture and she did...


And some more of this. Oh my. Rosie, Rosie. (p.s. Leah, I am so so sorry I did not get a real picture of you that day -- I wanted to get a photo of you with Thea & a good one of Thea & Rose together and I did neither. Despite that, I love you and am so so thankful you came to celebrate T.B.)

Eric B. got these pictures of Lincoln and Lilly with balloons...Aren't they wonderful? -- The kids, the pictures, the photographer? (-:
Later Thea opened some gifts...Isn't that face wonderful?

Liz, you know I love you...

So this next series of photos is a first attempt at a group-shot of the cousins. Watch Thea's face. (By the way, this is her second of three wardrobe changes during her party. Wasn't planned, so you know.)

I *love* Deke's face here.

And so it often ends...

Lilly sweetly, gently rescues her.
Here Liz gives Thea Belle her favorite activity -- being walked around. (about a week after her birthday she instantaneously become a walking pro, but at this point she was still very, very cautious...With brothers like hers doing wrestle-mania moves like those, you understand why she would appreciate a grown-up hand, eh?)

Grant loving the hoop!

More brotherly least Atticus has his patriotic St.Paul Saints Sweatband to help him out.

Happy Birthday, Sweet, Happy Daughter. Oh, oh how I love you.


erizabat said...

what a great post! and not just because Eric took the pictures :) I love a few of those pictures of your kids! And that one of Rose is hilarious :) I love Thea too and am so happy I was able to be there!

Leah Miller said...

Great pics and details. :) I have one problem: you can NOT call Thea T.B. You just can't. I could call my daughter that because I love to make nice things awful (e.g. I call Rose "Grossy Rosy." But you are just too nice and sincere for that.
I DO love that pic your sister took of Thea. Soooo pretty.