Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Atticus Starts Kindergarten

Most of you guys have seen the pictures of Atticus' first day of kindergarten (because I am so behind on my blog posts!) but just so it's here on our family photo archive (-: Here they are again with a couple extra. Because of a few un-interesting reasons, my family's visit overlapped with the first day of school so Aaron & Lindsey were still here (they stayed a few days extra after my parents had to return to work responsibilities). Atticus is attending Hale Community School, our local public school. Brad and I have thought and prayed through this choice of school for a few years now, and we continue to research, pray, discuss what the next few years may look like for our family's education/schooling. I am working to get together a clear explanation of how we came to this year's decision and hopefully can post that in the next month. So far we have really liked A's teacher and Atticus himself loves school. He gets on the bus at 6:50 every morning. He gets off the bus at the end of our block at 10:40 am. Dietrich started two-morning-a-week preschool the following week (pictures to come) so we are finding yet another new rhythm to our days.

Going to pick Atticus at the corner

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erizabat said...

i love it! he looks so grown up!