Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Family Comes for a Visit! Part One

So every summer my family all gets together for a long weekend or a week long time of being together. My brother Aaron and sister-in-law Lindsey and their two kids have been down in Texas for a few years now and we've only been able to see them about once a year. This past year they moved back up to St.Louis -- Hooray! We all decided that this year we'd do our get-together in Minneapolis. Then next year we'd try St.Louis. After that -- we'll see-- We might just get crazy-cheesy and do Wisconsin Dells! (-: My brother Jonathan and sister-in-law Robyn had their third child the week before so they couldn't join us. Sad!!!!!!! Next year. My Mom and Dad slept at my sister Bekah's apartment downtown by Loring Park. A. &  L. and Co. stayed at our house. We borrowed bikes and a kid-trailer for them so we could take some fun rides around town.Sunday morning we convinced everyone that we should ride our bikes to church (a common practice for Brad and me). I was so proud of how "game" they all were. In the picture above it was another ride we took later in the week -- just so you know my brother doesn't usually where gym shorts to church. (-: Jonathan, Robyn, Clark, Felicity & Daphne -- We missed you!!!!

Atticus, Lilly & Dietrich (series of pictures by Bekah)

Snuggle-Wrestling with Aunt Bekah

Most of the fun/great pictures of Dietrich in this post are from Bekah. For some reason, Bek just really captures all the sides of Deke in photos. Thank you, Sister!

At some point in the week a fire truck was parked a couple houses down on our street. The kids were super excited when the firemen let them look inside the truck and try on fire gear. (Atticus was at school -- posts to come on that...)

On Monday morning we all drove out to the Minnesota Arboretum -- one of Brad and my favorite of all places we have discovered in the last couple years. We were so excited to finally get to share it with my family.

Labeled herbs in the observation next to the herb garden

My mom and dad looking around amazed at the variety of herbs able to be grown -- they are both avid gardeners -- It's my dad's passion right behind God & His Word and my mom (-:

Bekah with her camera

Great photo Lindsey caught of mischevious Lincoln who ended up absolutely soaked for most of the visit (which, incidentally, didn't "dampen" his spirits one bit -- that cheerful little imp!).
Lindsey took this one of her Hallmark kids (actually I think they were either fighting or pretty heavily resistant to a photo shoot right before Lindsey fought and won for this one (-: Way to go, Lindsey-the-Mom!!)

My mom and dad with Dietrich.


Lindsey & Aaron

The awesome hedge maze...It was very difficult to navigate and I kept losing my kids. I could hear them falling and crying out there, somewhere. But it all turned out okay. We made it to the observation tower to take some pretty professional, formal group portraits.

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