Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Family's Visit Part Two

The rest of our week of Aaron & Lindsey visiting was good and strange with brad returning to work, Atticus starting school but fun living alongside each other. We took a trip to Linden Hills to the wonderful Wild Rumpus bookstore that has a menagerie of animals amongst the stacks of books: chickens and cats wandering, ferrets, snakes, chinchillas, lizards, all sorts of birds in cages. Afterwards we walked up to Sebastian Joe's for ice cream cones.

Aaron & Grant looking at the real snakes below the floor in the "haunted house".

Lilly loving on one of the cats.
The Hidden Cat

We also made it over to the pool over at Hiawatha Park. Thank you, Lindsey for all these fun photos!


Atticus on a water jet -- all boys' favorite hang out place (-:

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