Monday, October 03, 2011

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Dietrich began preschool the week after Atticus started kindergarten. We had originally decided not to send Dietrich this year -- mostly because he is so good at playing with others and is good at paying attention and following rules and has a good handle on his basics (alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors, etc.). But he was so sad to have Atticus leaving us in the mornings that we thought it might be good for Dietrich to have something special for himself. Another consideration was that with Atticus' early return (He gets off the bus at 10:40) we will be unable to do most of our morning activities for the winter months (most start at 10 am -- Open Gym, Story Time, even the zoo opening at 9 am would be a pretty rushed visit). Well, so far, Dietrich adores preschool. I share pick up/ drop-off with my friend Leah which means we regularly end up having lunch together for an added fun T/R activity. Dietrich loves chatting away about all the things he does and learns at school. Meanwhile back at home before Atticus comes home, I get about an hour to an hour and a half alone with Lincoln while Thea Belle gets a good uninterrupted nap. I have *loved* having time to cuddle, read, play with Lincoln. The first day we dropped Dietrich off Lincoln sobbed uncontrollably, "I miss Deke! I miss Deke!" It was heartbreaking. Finally I was able to calm him by promising that we would do "school" together when we got home. So sometimes we do color and alphabet workbooks together or a cutting/glueing craft. Usually we read a pile of books (that Lincoln gets to pick out) and play his favorite games. Then we walk down and pick up Atticus from the corner, come home make lunches, Thea wakes up, and we eat together until Dietrich and the Miller troops arrive. It is a truly restful rhythm to our weeks. This has been such a surprising gift for me. Hallelujah for time to breathe in each child, to give them freedom to go out and experience good teachers and kind friends and different kinds of spaces and activities. I am thankful God led us into these decisions for this year.

Another beautiful surprise was this lovely dress that so much embodies my gentle little girl. Awhile back I mentioned something on facebook about loving the new clothing line Baby Gap came out with this season. I mean really loving it. When I walked into the store and saw this particular dress, I stopped and thought I might cry it was so perfect. A perfect, ladylike classic cut, softest cotton, fully lined, the print so right. Well, the day I was at the store, I returned to this dress three times and couldn't justify buying it -- I had just purchased some seasonal basics for Thea -- like a couple tees and layering leggings and a cardigan from Old Navy and felt like it was enough. Plus I have two patterns and three cuts of fabric waiting to become winter dresses for my girl. So I came home. About two days later, the dog is barking at the front door. I go to see who's there and a FedEx package is there on the steps. I open it and, what do you think? -- There is the very dress. And, oh my goodness, do you know who sent it to Thea Belle? -- Brad's college friend Anne (whom I only know through her blog and fb -- she has three boys in our kids' age range and lives in Chicagoland). That's right. My husband's friend from college who only knows me through occasional emails and our blog-sharing, sent my baby this perfect dress. Anne didn't even know that it was this dress. I am embarrassed (maybe ashamed) to say I started weeping out of gratefulness and gladness for a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and how ridiculously blessed I am and how utterly thoughtful this woman is. So there you go...I don't even know what more to say. Thank you, Anne -- I have been working on a Thank You card since you sent this and still don't have it done -- it seemed so wrong to just send a note but now it is more wrong that I haven't said anything. You are kind and fun and I wish you were a Minneapolis-ite. Hooray and Amen.


erizabat said...

that dress is great, Sarah :) What an unexpected gift...and that photo series of Lincoln is outstanding.

Anne said...

Oh, Sarah, now I'm crying! I KNEW there was a reason I was drawn to that dress. I had seen your post and out of curiosity wanted to see what lovely girl things looked like. I saw this dress and thought of you, and Thea. But I never would have thought it was THE dress! I also looked at it at least three times before I decided there was a reason I kept looking at it. And there was a special online sale that was ending in literally hours. It was meant to be. A higher power meant it to be. Hugs, Sarah.

And this is thank you enough. Seeing photos of her in the dress, it made my day. :) :) :)