Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Orchard Time!

So it is the season for visiting an orchard with the kids. This is our third annual visit with the Bergets -- Hooray! We went back to Erma Krumbees South of the city. I felt pretty subdued and weird the Sunday afternoon we left...but the trees were beautiful and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. We also drove down "Baptist Style" (i.e. Women in one car, Men in the other) so all of us grown-ups had some great conversations there and back and were really able to "catch up" with one another.



This picture is for Leah -- yep, he requested I photograph this pose once again. What?


See the little boy in the background?

He came up and sat right next to Thea Belle and stared at her for 5 minutes until his mom made him move on...It was hilarious.

We came up with a questionable game that involved seeing how far you could whip an apple with one's mouth and a whole lotta body-torque.



erizabat said...

I loved it when that kid came over and sat by Thea - what a great picture you got of it!

SaraV said...

I love the look Lincoln is giving the little boy. Protective big brother already...practicing for 15 years from now.