Monday, October 03, 2011

The Falls

A few weekends ago we decided to go hiking down by Minnehaha Falls. It was a perfect day and the boys did great. We had so much rain over the summer that the creek and falls were just beautiful. (Brad took all the pictures with his phone.)

When we got down to where the creek broadened there was a great rocky area where some kids were in their skivvies throwing rocks and splashing. We thought it looked perfect and let the kids have a long time exploring and jumping.



The boys climbed up this completely steep trail with enthusiasm and ingenuity. I was impressed by their perseverance and especially with Lincoln being able to "hold his own". Hooray for real hiking with my kids!!!!!

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erizabat said...

That one of (whoever is in the orange shirt) hiking up the trail alone is so cute...what a fun day.