Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aunt B. and The Pie

The week after our family went to the orchard with the Bergets Atticus went to a different orchard with his kindergarten class -- His first field trip! He came home with a bag of apples and asked to make an apple pie for his dad. Now I am not a good crust maker -- I don't care much for any kind of pie and so I, selfishly, have not worked at this culinary skill. My sister happened to have come by on one of her surprise visits and cheerfully announced, "Well, I can make a crust. I'll make a pie with you, Atticus!" Atticus was elated. So after his brothers and sister went down for afternoon naps, he and Bekah made a pie. It was so sweet of my sister and so fun for Atticus. And as the pie was baking, the younger ones emerged from their naps, and Bekah took the dough scraps and helped Dietrich and Lincoln make jelly pop-tarts so they could have some cooking fun too! (And where was I during all this -- mostly sitting at the dining room table, watching, and happily [guilt-free] sewing!!!)

I did stop to help peel apples -- I have peeled many, many apples having had a small orchard on our farm growing up. I can still peel an entire apple without breaking the peeling -- one curly corkscrew (I am too proud of this skill). I tried to teach Atticus but his hands are just not quite big enough yet. He chose the short, choppy, stab method into the sink. Not pretty, but it works -- eventually.

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Leah Miller said...

I LOVE this post! What a great aunt those kids have! And Sarah, I'm so glad you got to sew.