Monday, July 25, 2011

Lake: Part Three

Brad playing T-Ball with the kids...Tom and Brian came out to corral and play with the kids a few times too.

The playground is right nest to the open area they are playing t-ball in and right behind our cabin.

Dietrich being silly.

The only pictures you will get of my new swimsuit (found it on ModCloth).


Brad & I took Atticus & Dietrich on short little kayak rides out onto the lake. It was one of my favorite things we did there.  We each took one of the boys and had them sit backwards behind us on the kayak. It worked well for balance and for paddling. We were able to get a good view of the bald eagle nest right next to our camp -- even got to see the mother and father return to the nest and the two nearly grown babies fly out.

We tried to convince Lincoln to come out, but he was ready yet.

I loved when everyone kind of clumped together talking and watching the kids. Here Brad's sister Kara is with us and some long-time friends right behind her (the girl next to Kara is Jill who Brad and Kara grew up playing with every year at the camp -- though she was quiet a bit younger than them; She celebrated her 25th birthday the week we were there.)

A gigantic crawfish we found.

Pretty Thea Belle

Thea took a couple steps on her own while we were there. Mostly she loves people helping her walk around. She would do this all day in-between her naps and meal-times. She adores walking. This little vignette looks staged but it wasn't. Atticus wanted to take a walk with us, and help Thea walk so we did. Brad had the camera.


One day we tried fishing with the boys, but it didn't work so well. We couldn't figure out the anchor on the pontoon (or it didn't have one??) and the boys were just too antsy. We finally let go of  the plan and just went for a fun "drive" around the lake. They loved that.

Hey, look -- sometimes I don't wear skirts. It's true.

This is Katie one of the sisters whose family runs the camp. She loved Thea Belle and came over often to walk her around. Atticus and Dietrich especially loved playing with Katie and her older sister Karlie. They played board games, and He-Man, and at the beach and playground and tag with the other kids.

Campfire one of the last days there.


Eating a smore. Mostly I just love the way Atticus stands -- he looks so grown-up.

On the way home...I haven't really wrote anything about what I read or listened to or thought about while we were there. I might try to sort through those things and do another post later this week. I still plan to continue my daily style posts, but need to catch up on folding all the laundry I finally got finished and it's 11:26 pm here.


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