Monday, July 25, 2011

Lake: Part One

So it's the middle of July again and our family treks up to Northern Minnesota for the annual Johannsen Week at the Lake [Camp Wildwood on Bass Lake near Grand Rapids). We've been in one of the new bigger cabins now for a couple years. We share it with Brad's mom and dad. His sister and our brother-in-law Brian, their two kids and Brian's mom and stepdad share another cabin a 50 yards away along the edge of the Lake. The lake edge is just like 30 feet from our front patio.

The beach is in-between our cabins, nicely cared for and where our kids spent half the week or more.

The fishing hasn't been so great the last couple years, but this year the Walleye kept on comin' in. Brad only got out once (because he is an awesome husband and didn't want to leave me with all the kids more than a once).

Our nephew Max...

...who turned 4 the day we arrived.

Happy Birthday party for Max!

Lincoln & Dietrich doing tricks in the water. The first half of the week there it was very hot and humid and I had some difficulty with my lens fogging up.

Dietrich really, really wanted me to take a picture of this blue watering can.

It is difficult to ascertain what these kids are doing here but Grandma Nancy brought a big bag of Brad's old He-Man action figures up for the week -- by enthusiastic request of my boys who love playing with these at her house. The figures became quite popular with all the kids. In this scenario each guy is being dug an individual grave for a mass bad-guy burial. Later they were exhumed with great care for further adventures. This group of kids from two cabins and the girls from the family who lives on and runs the camp, sort of hit it off while we were there. Different combinations and numbers of kids played together through-out the week, but this group were all kind of in the right age group and played similarly. Our boys loved having kids all around all day long.
Thea Belle loved the water...sometimes floating in her baby tube and sometimes lingering at the water's edge.

Our niece Ivy definitely dislike floating in the water but she fairly quickly warmed up to playing in the water and being on the beach.

Grandma Nancy watching with Brian's mom Cathy and his stepdad Ray (who my kids just called Grandpa Ray)

Thea & Ivy

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