Thursday, September 25, 2008

Leah's Birthday Skating Party

Last Friday Jess organized a girls' roller skating party as part of the on-going celebration of Leah's 30th birthday!! (-: I was pretty sad I couldn't skate, but Laura Joslin was coming and since she's pregnant too, we decided we could talk together and take pictures. In the end, it worked out just fine since not only do Laura and I get along well, quite a few of the other women decided to sit it out and chat with us too. The skating rink was pretty big and pretty colorful. There was quite an assortment of characters there (including us) on a Friday night in St.Louis Park at the Roller Garden. Truly. [Pictured: Lisa & Leah]

Jess, Mo, Emily, Leah & Lisa

Synchronized Skating by Leah & Emily

Who knew Lisa discoed?

Jess & Lisa

Lisa about to run into the side of the an valiant attempt to say "hi"

Laura & Sarah

Mo in Repose

Proof that I was there

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