Thursday, September 25, 2008

Calvin Makes it to Four!! Good Job, Leah & Eric!

Last Saturday the Millers celebrated Calvin's 4th birthday at an apple orchard outside the cities. Here Brad is showing a nicely fuzzy caterpillar to Atticus and Calvin. I must say that when Brad does this sort of thing it makes my heart hurt with love for him.

Feeding oats to some horses. I especially liked that Brad picked oats off the ground around the pay-by-the-quarter oats-dispenser instead of actually paying. That's awesome. (I also love that he's cheap at the right times and extravagant at the right times (-:)

Brad and Isaac Joslin supervising

My serious boy...

gives me a smile

Madeleine Joslin with her great smile enjoying the horses -- Laura, her mom, getting horse-smuzzled

The big ole pile of straw...

Look at all these boys -- the four in the front are with the birthday party

Isaac Miller taking it on -- younger than every other boy on the mountain, as always, undaunted and unstoppable

I know this is too many pictures of straw, but I love this daddy-son striding moment

Dietrich wishes he could run with the big day, my son, one day soon...

Picking apples -- ours magically turned into an apple crisp...

Isaac Joslin (I swear there were a number of other families there and yet all my photos are of us or the Joslins...anyway) holding his special apple: a perfect, shiny apple found on a completely, really completely, dead tree.

Riding the John Deeres

Leah using her super-unbelievable strength to pull three toddlers in a red wagon -- Yes, it's true and you've seen it here.

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