Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hike with Grandma & Grandpa

Sunday afternoon we met Nancy and Tom down at the state park in Albert Lea. It was a glorious day for hiking. The boys were both in great moods and, despite leaving my house in utter disarray and being gone since 8-something a.m., I was relaxed and enjoyed myself too. The only bad part of the visit was Nancy stepping in something truly truly awful -- akin to dog diarrhea -- and maybe like a pint of it, with sandals on, with nothing but one napkin and half a water bottle to clean it up. When we headed home that night, we passed a field that had recently been cow-manured. Atticus say, "P-U! Grandma's yucky shoes!"

Grandpa catches a beautiful (celadon, saffron and gold)
grasshopper for Atticus to (try to) hold

Milk-break for Dietrich

Licorice-break for Atticus

(Atticus isn't pouting -- he's making what he thinks is a funny face)

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