Thursday, September 19, 2013

Labor Day Weekend in Altoona!

Over the longer Labor Day weekend a few weeks back, we headed down to Altoona, IA to visit Brad's family. Thea Belle and her cousin Ivy love each other! Yay! Dancing with girl cousin-friends!

Boy cousins and Brad trying to figure out the gaming system...

Birthday celebration for Thea Belle!

Fancy cupcakes from The Cupcakery in Des Moines.

Pretty Ivy; brother Milo chill in background

Great-Aunt Kay is excited about chocolate!

Max trying to escape my photos -- ha! Gotcha!

Great Grandma Trellis, down at the head of the table, joined us for church, dinner and birthday celebrations!

Corn Maze time! -- My first time, even though I grew up on a farm surrounded by corn fields: There weren't too many farmers around my part of farm-country that would mow mazes in their cornfields. At least, that's my explanation of why I never encountered such a thing until now.

I *love* freshly-haircut-ted boy heads...

Corn Tee-pee

Oh, so pretty!

I badly wanted to do the big maze -- but it was $6 a person and not $1 and it was supposed to take grown-ups a couple with 6 kids, 7 years old and younger, you got it...

The maze also included a game where you have to find 8 different punch shapes found in different crannies of the maze -- If you find all 8 you get to enter a raffle. Brad and Kara love games like this so we finally found all 8 even split up into two kind of groups, Kara and Me with the younger kids and Brad with the older boys.


Special Grandma reading time, cuddling...

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liz@carpeseason said...

I would love to do a BIG corn maze some day too - never done it despite the corn fields surrounding my own childhood house.

Let's do it!