Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Death Man and the Happy Ending

Lincoln has been doing these neat/strange chalk people this week. This one is his first one, called "Crazy Hair Guy".

Then, Mohawk Guy

And, The Archer
Sitting Man 

"Cyclops Family at the Playground"

I had to add two more of the same drawing because these poses of Lincoln (which he requested) are so great.

"Cyclops by Himself"

"Death Man" -- who is able to kill anyone or anything he touches with his death feet -- he sucks their blood and bones out of them.
The drawn blue line connects Death Man to all the other guys thereby killing everything the line touches. They all die. But Lincoln says, "That's okay, Mom, because they all knew Jesus and so they go to be with him. It's a happy ending, really." Rough way to go, though.

Thea Belle, because she was there and she's cute.


Drawing continues today...This guy is Sword Throwing Guy. He has rainbow colored swords all over his whole body and he can throw them at will.

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liz@carpeseason said...

Glad I got a sneak peek of these creations :)