Friday, September 13, 2013

Ackland Week 2013: Dairy Farm, Part 1

The highlight of our visit with my family was the afternoon at the Vosberg Organic Dairy Farm. Tim and Heidi Vosberg and their children are members at my dad's church down in Potosi, WI. They kindly opened their farm to us one afternoon milking time. There was so much to see that I am doing this in a couple posts. Yay! Oh, and if you buy Organic Valley milk you are supporting the Vosbergs!!

Lilly holding her cousin Wrangler

Starting small: The kittens! It was quite the production catching those three kitties. Wow did they know how to escape/hide! But the kids (and grown-ups) persisted! (-:

My son is a cat guy -- man, he loves cats (and books and drawing -- makings of a librarian? Or an Alec Knox?)


Clark and Robyn

Then the hogs for 4-H


My dad and Wrangler

The egg-laying chickens in the moveable hutch-pen

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