Monday, January 07, 2013

So I am not sure how to get back into the blog -- so much to catch up on. Let's start here: Dietrich got his cast off this week. The fifth trip to St.Paul and two casts later (the first one was red and was cut off a few weeks too early -- he wasn't healed enough yet), I think we are done. He still needs to be able to straighten it out fully before another two weeks is up or we go back for physical therapy. But the skin is looking much better -- it was pretty nasty, flaking off like a bad sunburn and especially weird on his hand, the first day, but it's almost normal now. They told me to expect him to "shadow" his arm the first week -- he holds it very close to his body and keeps writing with his left hand and doing most things one-handed. But I am encouraged and grateful for good health insurance and for the 3-hour long doctor appointments being done for awhile. Also grateful for my healthy children -- we met so many families at Gillette Children's Hospital that have lived at the hospital since their child was born. Families that expect their child to always being in a wheelchair or to only live for a couple years never thriving. As long as the trips were for us (especially the younger two kids), I have walked away with even deeper gratitude for easy path God has given our family and encouraged by so many of the families who testified to God's blessing that he gave their families through their sick and disabled families -- I was in awe at their thankfulness and joy.

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