Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home. Sweet.

For Christmas my Mother-in-law and Father-in-law and Brad and I bought this dollhouse for Thea Belle (from craigslist). It came mostly furnished but I didn't care for the upholstery or some of the clothes. So I had fun making couch and chair cushions and bedding. And then wallpapering in more festive patterns/colors. I decided Thea Belle would love a baby and nursery furniture to add to the family and house. And -- hurray -- that is her favorite/most played with part. (-:

My mom knitted this wonderful rug. I was going to use it as an afghan on the couch but decided I really liked it in the bedroom on the floor.

This is where Thea Belle put the daddy. Then she would move him over to the toilet. Then in a brilliant move, she moved the toilet over to the computer desk for the daddy to have the ultimate work station. I am not kidding. It was ridiculous and awesome.

The rug is an actual rabbit pellet that came in a bag of vintage trim and odds and ends from Brad's Grandma. I knew I would find the perfect place for it!

Transformers visit often.

And join them for cupcake parties...

Heatwave enjoying his treat.

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liz@carpeseason said...

oh i love this! i love that you gave it some custom Sarah features, like the wallpaper. I love that the transformers visit and eat cupcakes. love, love, love. -liz, not Eric