Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Coffee for Kids

 One day before Christmas I walked in to the living room to find Atticus counting the paper in the computer printer. 
I say, "What are you doing, Atticus?" 
He answers, "I am counting paper -- Do we have 800 pieces of paper?" 
"Probably. Why?"
"I need to make 800 copies of something."
"Really? Why 800?"
"So I can hand them out to everyone at school."
" Oh. Copies of what?"
"Well, this recipe."
So I look at the recipe. Hm. "Maybe we should try it first."
"Good idea, Mom."
So we made it substituting Sprite for "Sparks" (because I didn't have pop rocks) and raisins for "Grapes" (because I didn't have any grapes that week).    



It was a hit -- mostly because it had pop in it which our kids are seldom allowed. But it was an enthusiastic response and Atticus was delighted. Somehow he was okay not making 800 copies after this. I was thankful.

But this was not the last of the recipes that have shown up at the creative (though oddly mystifying) hands of Atticus. Most of them have involved non-food items as ingredients. This has not been resolved by any conversation/discussion so far. But I appreciate his interest and enthusiasm so we continue to find ways to try the recipes and tweak them when needed. Odd.


Anne said...

You're such a great mother! I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to try out one of my children's recipes. What great memories you are creating!

Laura Rose said...

I like the dash of car added in the end.

liz@carpeseason said...

you are the best mom ever.
could you be my mom?