Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Atticus Writes Stuff

Atticus compulsively writes and draws (and reads). He brings home drawings and notes he did at school (while not doing his actual classwork) and writes notes all evening and weekend long. He writes in church. Our neighbor Gigi Deems is also a drawer and writer of stories. Atticus made this for her the night they were supposed to have a drawing date and she got sick again and couldn't come. She was so sad. A half hour after Atticus ran this down to her house, she ran back with a story she had made for him.
He often learns rhymes or poems or songs at school and makes these for me (instead of doing his actual assignments - sigh.).

A cyclops vampire.

A recent reoccurring motif -- the underground tunnels at his school -- really? He says, yes.

This one needs some explaining. I found this in Atticus' backback. I knew that Samir was a new friend of his from school. But I had no idea who Nancy Stoner was. I asked Atticus. He said, "Oh, Nancy Stoner is Samir's worst arch enemy." I said, "Who is she?" Atticus said, "She's Samir's worst arch enemy." "But who is she -- a student, a teacher?" Atticus: "I don't know." "Oh," I say. As I type this Atticus is reading over my shoulder. He has just informed me that he now knows who Nancy Stoner is -- a lunchroom teacher. Hm.

"Once upon a time there was a kid named C.J. And he was light-skinned. One day he decided to take a walk by himself. (And he got lost.) He found a phone..."

"...He called 911 and a police car pulled up and a police got out. And the police said, 'What is your name?' 'My name is C.J.,' said C.J. 'What's your address?,' said the police. 'It is 782 616 717.' The end."

Jail with a buried bone.

I found this one on a clipboard on my desk. He was playing school with his brothers.

"Oh yah!!!!! Dietrich is stupendous at drawing pictures of people (like normal people like me). (I am Native American.)" This was during a unit at school where they were studying Native Americans and he found out that he is a little bit Cherokee (My great grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee.)

This is all kinds of random. It says, " Pupcake. Cupcake. Calvin [Miller] is stupendous!!!! I see you have boom-boom sticks. [a line from the Muppet Treasure Island movie -- thanks, Dad (-:]"

Skeleton embellishment.

Homework that Atticus made for his dad. My favorite are the encouragements after the answers.

"Ding Ding Ding" with music

Back of drawing
Front of drawing

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