Monday, January 07, 2013

New Year's Eve

We actually had plans to hang out with our neighbors the Deems...let the kids all play and watch a movie and the grown-ups drink wine and listen to music and talk. But everyone got sick -- Deke had a fever, I was still recovering from my chest cold and the Deems celebrated with a family stomach flu. Patooie. So we stayed home, played games, had snacks, played a little wii, and then Brad and I finished up the year with a colossal non-yelling fight that ended with sweet, welcome, and difficult repentance/humility/restoration at -- not kidding -- 11:59 pm. So we kissed, sighed, turned off the light, and fell asleep spooning to usher in the new year.

See - he really was sick...took him 3 more days to kick it.
A good sport with his fever.

wii play.

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