Monday, December 17, 2012

Pure Delight.

Last week I made Thea Belle's babydoll a wardrobe -- without any patterns and with all material I had collected waiting for the right project. It was just absolute pure fun. So satisfying and deeply sweetly personal. This is one of Thea Belle's two big Christmas presents this year. I will take pictures of my other major project when we set it up Christmas Eve. Yay! for surprises. The boys have one coming too but they sometimes read this so I will wait to tell! (-:

The tshirts are all fold-over shoulders like on baby shirts to make it easier to get on. And I used old tshirts of mine that had holes or stains. I made the bindings from strips of the tshirts, just folded over and un-serged (because I don't have a serger and actually don't know how to sew knits properly). I don't know if it would work on real-people clothes -- I have a couple yards of material waiting to be experimented on but it will have to wait a little longer.

I made this dress out of a pair of badly-fitting pajama pants. I like the colors. The leggings are from the doll's original outfit. (She is a American Girl Bitty Baby I bought on craigslist for Thea Belle's last birthday.)


I actually think this skirt is pretty tacky but I thought Thea would enjoy it. And I had this crazy sequin elastic band to add to the bling -- silly!

Now here is a wonderful and sad thing: This sweater is cut up and sewn back together from a J.Crew!!!!! sweater-of-awesomeness that my poor friend Sarah Deems recently had accidentally shrunk in the wash. It was her favorite sweater. And she had had it forever. And it was a sad, sad day the day it "died". She gave it to me to resurrect. And behold, the ibis. Har. Anyway, I did the best I could not being a knitter.


I gave it giant snaps to make it easier for Thea Belle's little fingers.

That is all. And Hooray! (p.s. This post is mostly for my mom who asked to see pictures. Mom, I love you for many, many reasons but I am so very thankful that you taught me to sew. Thank you. *hug*)

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Rachel Johnson said...

that is so wonderful, Sarah!