Monday, December 17, 2012

Today I looked at pictures of all the people killed in Connecticut. And I read about them. And I watched a video of one of the dad's whose daughter was killed. And I was so sad. And I was thankful for another day with my children. And I hugged my tender-hearted husband who cried for both of our hearts. And then he went in the other room and spanked one of our boys and separated two of the other children who were fighting and we sent a kid downstairs to get cleaned up from a poop accident. And I was grateful for spankings and conflict and poop. And for knowing that God measures the days of each soul perfectly. Every. single. day. intended. for. them. Acts 17:26 And I felt grief for all of those families. And I felt a deep peace that it is all intentional, all orchestrated rightly by a God with a heart and a good purpose and a sovereign hand even though we cannot contain or understand it.

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