Monday, July 09, 2012

Variation on a Theme

Remember that polka dot sundress from a few posts back. This is a dress I made for Thea Belle last summer (which is one of the lovely things about this pattern -- it can fit so many sizes, for so long!) based off the same 25 cent garage sale dress my mom had found down in Potosi, Wisconsin-land. I used some leftover Anna Maria Horner fabric for the top bodice and a batik from Treadle Yard Goods over in St.Paul on Grand. The ribbon is real silk that came dyed in this beautiful pink to dark orange-pink dappled creaminess -- yum! (p.s. I *love* the props she insisted on -- a water gun, a bracelet, a sparkly pony)

These bloomers are from last summer too -- I think they are so cute and make a shorter sundress totally work as an outfit. I like that they are made out of denim so that even though they are ruffled, they aren't too saccharine.

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Scotty and Lisa said...

Potosi? Really?? We have a city here in the department of La Paz called Potosi. Cute dress, too...:)