Monday, July 02, 2012


My grandmother Helen Beatrice (Crull) Ackland and my grandfather Jeff (Jefferson Baldwin] Ackland [my dad's parents]; This grandma is the one I remember most because she was very involved in my life. She died of cancer when I was a freshman in college. My grandfather was quiet and hard-working and tall and lanky. I don't remember much about him because I was 8 (?) when he died of cancer. I remember sitting on the front cement steps of the farmhouse eating a spoon of peanut butter with him -- we both *loved* peanut butter. I remember him sitting long-legged cross-legged at the kitchen table reading the newspaper while my grandma made breakfast -- always bacon and eggs and toast and strong coffee.

My grandmother Geraldine (Beulah) (Mitchell) Trout and grandfather Homer Trout [my mom's parents]; My grandmother died of a heart attack when I was also 8. I only remember that she liked game shows and cats and smiled easily. My grandpa drew quite well, always dressed dapper, liked fast, sleek cars, flea markets, people, and had false teeth that he would use to great effect by suddenly rising from a couch-nap to roar and drop his teeth causing all of us waiting grandkids to squeal and screaming laughing from the room. Every Christmas he gave each grandkid a brand-new box of crayons and a new coloring book. He loved brand-new crayons. Once he drove his car on a town sidewalk because the traffic was too slow and he always told me stop signs were merely "suggestions". I may or may not have dreamed that he one time completely "Duke of Hazzard-ed" over a drainage ditch whose bridge had been removed for repairs. I will always believe that it actually happened.

My great grandmother Mae (Hill) Crull [My Grandma Ackland's mother; She died when my grandmother was very young.] When my grandmother died she left me her mother's garnet and pearl in rose gold wedding ring. I never wear it because I am afraid I will lose it.

My great grandfather John Crull [my Grandma Ackland's father]. I know virtually nothing about him except that he and Mae had 8 (?) children together and that he had farmed up near Freeport, IL. It has been a family legend that his ancestors were horse thieves, but I don't actually know this to be fact.

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