Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Building a Family for 40 Years!

Two weekends ago we drove down to my folks on a Saturday morning and completed a surprise for my mom and dad's 40th anniversary. They decided to take a trip by themselves to the Smokies over their actual anniversary in early June. But us kids wanted to at least get together for a low-key meal to say congratulations and let them know we love them. My sister-in-law came up with the idea of trying to surprise them. So it went like this: Bekah called them that Thursday and said she had a few days off and was coming down. (She hadn't been down there in quite a few months but is known to be spontaneous like that so Mom and Dad didn't think too much of it.) Then my sister-in-law Lindsey and brother Aaron said they were coming up for a couple days since they wouldn't be seeing them until our week together at the end of July. So they drove up with their two kids. My mom had to work Saturday morning until 1 pm. So my brothers, sister and sister-in-laws all conspired together to say the kids were going to eat a later lunch so let's go to the park and have mom come over after work. My brother Jonathan ordered pizza from a neighboring town. Brad and I left with the kids early Saturday morning and made the 5-hour drive down to pick up the pizza and other picnic supplies. Then we drove to the city park and kid in our van in a cul-de-sac until my mom showed up. Then we sent the kids down to where my parents were watching the other grandkids playing. We achieved a fun and successful surprise (-: Yay! Congratulations, Mom & Dad for 40 years of faithfulness and steadfastness in marriage and family.  The more I see the hurt and brokeness of families disintegrating, rippling down and out through friends and family and generations, the more I am deeply, soberly thankful for your commitment to each other and to our family.

All the rest of the photos are from my sister-in-law Lindsey (which is why she never shows up in the pictures )-:) except the instagrams which are from my sister Bekah (I had photo-editing mishaps with my computer, so most of mine are gone.)

Thea Belle


Clark, because I didn't get him in the park photos

Felicity, for the same reason

My sister-in-law Robyn and niece Daphne

Mom & Deke on the back porch

My brothers Aaron & Jonathan with my dad in the back yard

Grant & Atticus



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