Monday, July 09, 2012

One night last week Atticus woke up around midnight and had a hard time going back to sleep. He came down to our bedroom, woke us up to tell us some small piece of information about some plans for the next day. We acknowledged the information and then told him he needed to go back to sleep. He cheerfully went back upstairs, we began to fall back to sleep. Twenty minutes later Atticus reappeared by our bed. He was alert, eager, very ready for conversation. He told us something about a story he had read the day before or some such discussion starter. His dad (who does not take kindly to interrupted sleep) told him he needed to go upstairs to bed and not to come downstairs unless there was a dire emergency. A short while later, Brad heard something upstairs. He sighed, threw back the covers, and headed up the stairs. The lights were on in the study, Atticus busy at the writing desk. Brad put him back to bed and and came back down. And we all slept until morning. When I arose in the morning and walked out to the kitchen there was this note on the counter. Brad came in and said, "Oh yeah, Atticus was working on it when I came up to the study last night. He told me he was going to slip it under our bedroom door so as not to disturb us again." Ha ha!!

"Dad I have two bugbits on my foot I rele do Dad I'm not kiding Dad rele rele p.s.I'm scard of the dark. For: Dad From: Atticus"

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kara said...

I didn't even need that translation. :) So smart, that Atticus.

I *love* this blog post. (I mean, I don't love uninterrupted sleep or Atticus being scared of the dark, but everything!)