Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lake 2012: Swimming

Our kids spent so much time in the water -- Thea Belle and Lincoln were like little fish. Atticus and Deke put on life jackets and went out as far as they could. One day another mom at camp caught the older boys off the end of the pier -- like 20 times. One day Atticus hit a low spot, without his jacket, and started to panic...he was kicking up off the bottom to gasp for air and then sinking down under again. Finally he got out a scream and Brad saw him and raced out into the lake with all his clothes on. Brad saved him. It all happened so fast. I am utterly thankful for the happy ending. And thankful for all the swimming Atticus did after that.

I didn't get many photos of these two in the water because they spent alot of time farther out from the shoreline and most of that time the were horsing around so photos would have looked like globs of arms and life jackets and backs of heads.

After Max's birthday party, Thea started the after party by wading out into the lake with all her clothes on. All the brothers and cousins who could walk soon followed (-:

Daddy-Propelled Kid Launching

Thea requested these two photos.

Grandma and Grandpa bought these rad inflatables.

The airplanes have water guns that are!
One day Atticus wanted to see the camp across the lake, so he and I kayaked over to it. Then I took the other three kids on shorter rides. Dietrich wanted to float in the water in his life jacket way out in the middle, so we compromised and went a little way out from the pier. He did great and was so happy with himself.

Thea relaxing...
Grandma Nancy with my niece Ivy

Kara, Brad's sister, took this photo and the next two. Lincoln ran down the pier and full-on belly flopped into the lake like 42 times before we grabbed a camera and then he would only cannonball for us. Still, he is awesome-sauce.


Okay...let's see the birthday post coming soon...

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SaraV said...

I LOVE that picture of Thea Belle in the water with the sun setting and the storm off to the south. Gorgeous.