Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Break Recap

Atticus had this homework journal for spring break. I love it.

Gleasons is the local gymnastics school. They have awesome preschool/kindergarten open gyms a few times a week. We haven't been able to go many times this year because of Atticus' school schedule. But we went the first day of break -- a Friday and our favorite gym guy was there -- Mr.Sasha! He knows all the boys be name and is generally wonderful!
Eloise Butler Wildflower Park with the Millers!

Swim Lessons

Playdate at Cal and Ike Miller's House
Minnesota Arboretum with the Deems Family

A friend from school, Oliver, came to play. First time to get together with this friend. And I found out his mom stays at home -- first stay-at-home mom I have found all year. I was so excited.

Easter Sunday

Isn't the ending awesome? "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, Yes!"

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