Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Arboretum with the Deemzez!

On our second fun trip for Spring Break we went with our neighbors, the Deems, out to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum -- one of my most favorite places. We went on trails I'd never ventured on before...and stayed until 2:30pm -- about an hour later than was really do-able for the kids (Thea Belle ended up falling asleep in the stroller), but the weather was perfect, there was barely anyone there so it felt even more...more...more -- well, relaxing isn't exactly the word, not with that many kids, but it was very good for my soul. I love very much. This was pretty early for the arboretum -- none of the fountains or waterfalls were running yet; workers were everywhere trimming hedges and trees, clearing debris from the winter...early wildflowers and friendly daffodils and hyacinth were gathered about at the edges of trails. Deep satisfied sigh...

Bob Brunner -- Atticus and Gigi did this pose on their own, unprompted -- Of course, it made me think of you, Mr. Korean Expatriot You. (-:

The wonderful Checkered Lily

"Mother and Child" by Michael Price; My friend Melissa Mailley had her baby boy Benjamin only hours before I saw this mama in the garden. Hooray!

A Japanese shelter with...

...a beautiful ceiling.

No, Mama. I don't want to have a pretty picture by the dogwood blossoms.

What I do want to do is be in a stinky mood.

Do you spy the striped garter snake Jacob found with the kids?


Lovely ravine

Pretending to have been sprinkled with Pixie Dust (Brad is reading Peter Pan to the boys at bedtime...)

Hand-built no-mortar beautiful stone walls



This was almost a perfect picture of Thea Belle -- if only she would have let me taken her pacifier. Brarr. I kept trying to slip it away all morning...but I am not sure if I am ready for this fight yet. And at this point in our hiking around, it was 1:30 pm which is usually the latest Thea is in bed for her nap, so mercy/leniency was warranted.


She's done.

This was right before: Atticus had an almost accident, pooped in the thick canopy of an evergreen tree, Dietrich fell and started shrieking in pain (he was able to walk later), Lincoln tripped and got a handful of splinters, and Thea started having a meltdown. Amazingly and stupidly on my part, we kept on going for another hour...but it was so so pretty and I kept thinking they all might just push through to the other side into magical woods land.

Maybe if I could just take that pacifier for a second, just one second...

Okay, maybe not...

Here you go, Baby...It's okay...

I promise.

Better, Mama. Let's keep hiking...

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