Saturday, April 14, 2012


Rigney with Wilson
Today during Thea Belle's naptime Brad took the three boys to the tennis program over at the park. I got to listen to the entire! talk Joe Rigney (professor at Bethlehem Baptist College & Seminary) gave commending Jonathan Edwards to the students and faculty at New St. Andrews College out in Moscow, ID. It is an excellent lecture. (The related side discussions between Rigney and Douglas Wilson -- also found on the Canon Wired site -- have also been good to listen to.) I also was able to listen to John Piper's sermon from last Sunday. And hand sew the entire time -- while taking notes!!! It was wonderful though jarring to return from that kind of concentration/stimulation. I almost forgot what it was like to be able to think clearly and follow an argument and stream of ideas. It was heady. 

Piper in Fine Preaching Form

Piper and Wilson Together.They had quite a few conversations together at the last Pastor's Conference here in Minneapolis. I was able to hear most of them through the Desiring God site.

Piper's Hands

Because I can't help myself -- this is awesome.
Piper's picture from Fuller Seminary c.1971, 25 years old
Douglas Wilson Preaching in Moscow Idaho in 1978

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