Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter Cometh!

I had 4 crafts planned for this week -- one of which was less directly related to Christ's Resurrection than the others. Which one do you think has actually been do so far this week? Yep. Well, I still have tonight and tomorrow.

I love that Dietrich put a face on his (everything he makes gets anthromorphed somehow).

He insisted that this be his pose/expression.

Atticus made three -- two for friends, one for the door. Polka dots were his idea. I also love that of all colors he chose yellow and neutral brown. Nice color sense, that kid.
This face just says "He has risen indeed!", doesn't it?
Lincoln cut up three eggs -- down the middle and then into three dozen pieces. Then he smashed glue on to them. Then he got mad and crumpled them up. "I am going to play with Thor now. No more crafts, Mom." Okay. Drat.
Thea Belle loves crafts -- but she also loves to eat glue. Didn't get there in time -- twice. Well, she survived. And made two eggs -- one which had about 42 stickers on it -- all in the same 2 square inch space. Why do little kids this age all do that with stickers. Very interesting and consistent (at least for my kids).

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liz@carpeseason said...

He is risen indeed...bwahahhaa. Their faces are wonderfully inappropriate!