Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Licking the Siren Call of Perfect Crafting

So when I envisioned my kids at this age (when they were babies and some weren't born yet) I thought we'd be non-stop reading-crafting-exploring the city-deep in meaningful conversation about who God is and who we are and what Reality is...etc. Yeah. I had never really been around little kids. Still...I sometimes think we might be able to do something simple like color Easter eggs with markers and crayons. And Atticus can -- and does -- and amazes me with his drawing and creations. Sometimes Dietrich pulls this amazingness up out of his strange self and I see him actually enjoying the process and being happy with the outcome. These are good times. Sometimes the plan doesn't just "not work out", it really bombs. Lincoln only wanted to lick the eggs because he thought they were cold and smooth-bumpy. Then he politely decided to do something else. Thea wanted her dad to read to her. Dietrich made one egg and then wanted to see what kinds of patterns he could make breaking the shells different ways. When that experiment was curbed and then ceased, he decided listening to Dad read was way more interesting. Atticus spent a half hour being frustrated that the markers rubbed off (I had the wrong kind) and that the crayons weren't doing what he was hoping for -- and He was the one who could have actually dyed them -- poor kid! But, we cleaned everything up, came up with something better to do and everyone was just fine. It's okay to try. And it's okay for it to not work out and move on. Huzzah.

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