Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dance, Deke, Dance!

This is what lunchtime looked like today: Atticus lost in reading a doodling superhero book; Dietrich nearly naked and full of overflow energy; Lincoln on day 6 of potty-training (day 3 no accidents!!!) up and down from his chair (not exaggerating) about every 5-10 minutes over a 2 hour period; Thea Belle varying shades of annoyed and clingy. Brad left for work around 6:45 am and returned home around 6 pm (many projects going out this week at his work). Then he came home for dinner and a short (not leisurely -- lots of kid-discipline and kid-bicycle problems) and putting the kids down for bed. Then he headed back into the office around 7:30 pm to try to marathon-it until ??. The last kid just ceased making noises in their bedroom -- It is 9:31 pm. I am very tired. I have homework for the counseling session I have on Monday afternoon. Right now I can't even remember anything I have learned. And it seemed like I had learned big life-changing truths a few days ago. Maybe this isn't the best time to be assessing existence or trying to think. Pfffttt. It's okay. Mostly because my boy Deke dances like this:



liz@carpeseason said...

#1. Please ensure that these deke pictures are not lost before his high school graduation.
#2. What a long day. Why don't you call and I'll come over and help w/ dinner, getting the kids to bed on days like these?
#3. I'm sorry you're sick. You were probably sick at my shower, and I didn't even know.

Shannon said...

Oh boy, those days sound a lot like my January through April, but somehow we make it through though don't we? God is gracious to us to give our children senses of humor in the middle of challenges and I hope this week is better for Brad and for you. :)