Friday, February 17, 2012

Stuff That I've Been Finding

I found these fabric wings made by Feather and Bone (via DesignMom) -- I *LOVE* them and really want to make some for every kid (and maybe an extra set for me).

I saw these bunkbeds on Apartment Therapy. They would be perfect for Dietrich -- He wishes he lived in a tiny little room all safe and snug. I always did too. I think it would be especially cool to have beds like this when all three boys share the same room, that way if they really needed some alone time, some tiny place that was all their own, it'd be there.
I found these awhile back also on Apartment Therapy. They are just plastic animals spray painted bright colors, glued on jars. Easy, inexpensive, would be fun to store art or sewing supplies in.

Same thing but glued to candle holders for cakes and such. Neat (-:

Girl's coat from Crewcuts (J.Crew). I love it. I wish it were heavy flannel instead of wool but otherwise it is pretty near perfect.
I love the English children's clothing line Hucklebones. This is one of their dresses.

I found these hair stars on the blog From Me to You. They are from Rodarte's runway show during this past week's New York Fashion Week. So pretty.

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liz@carpeseason said...

all of these things i love.
especially the wings.