Thursday, February 16, 2012


At the end of January and the beginning of February my dad and sister celebrated their birthdays here in Minneapolis. My mom and dad came up for the pastor's conference at Bethlehem and it happily coincided with my dad's big 60th birthday. My dad didn't want a big party but he thought going out to eat would be fun. So we took them to the new Wise Acres restaurant down by Tangletown Gardens in S. Minneapolis. My dad gave my sister this card for her birthday -- which is more funny if you know my dad's aversion to all things pierced and tattooed and know my sister's enthusiasm for such things.

And then he proceeded to roll up his shirt sleeve and show off his Captain America temporary tattoo he had applied just for Bekah. That's how zany we get in our clan. Oh dear.

So we don't have iphones are ipads or game systems in our house. But my mom and dad do. Think my kids are a little "taken" with this activity? (-: (p.s. Lest you think we are holier-than-thou luddites, it is mostly just a case of being interested in other things instead of gadgets/technology. We still play CDs and have a hand-me-down non-digital TV about the size of a dorm refrigerator with a converter. We'll get there eventually. Let's not be too rash about such things -- I mean, heck, we'll probably get to bypass 50 versions of these things before we even jump in the pool.) Anyway! Happy Birthday, Dad and Bekah!!!!

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EricBerget said...

kids and screens. that picture is hilarious.