Thursday, February 16, 2012

Inside Dietrich's Head

Dietrich doesn't draw very often. When he does, what comes out always surprises me. He'll have jumped to another stage or add things he never tried to draw before (and often never does after that). It's hard to find patterns with his imagination that comes out on paper. This drawing was during church a few weeks ago. There is an octopus, a jail and some people with a throne. Most of his drawings are really a sequential piece of work where Deke tells a story as he draws the various components on the page. I love how he creates so differently than Atticus. They are each so very much individuals.

This might be my favorite drawing-story he has done. It was also in church -- a different service. It began with some people walking in a garden, in the front. Then we find out it is the garden around a castle. Then it begins to rain. A knight appears with a sword. Then the rain stops and the sun comes out. All is well in the kingdom.

These were some pieces of paper-work-art Dietrich made up a couple months ago. It involved ripping lengths of paper and glue-ing them on in patterns. They had so much texture. He made quite a few -- many which were later dismantled by Lincoln. These two examples survived on my camera.

This is a drawing of me. He did this quickly and under duress, because I wanted him to do something constructive. He wanted to do circles with his Razor scooter very fast around the dining room. He made two pictures and was excused to his scooter.

These next few were from before Christmas...for awhile he had this neat way of drawing humans which depicted everyone with wings. I like that.

Alien with his ship

First time he wrote his name all by himself. Now he does it frequently though still unsure of himself. He knows how to write all of his letters, but doesn't venture any writing unless he sees it written down in front of him. He doesn't like guessing.    

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EricBerget said...

liz again...
no, deke does NOT like guessing.
i love this...and how and he and lincoln love to create stories and act them out on the arm rests of your giant living room chair with their action figures.