Thursday, February 16, 2012

For Charity

We have a friend named Charity who knitted this so pretty pale pink baby hat for Thea Belle when she was a newborn. It is so perfect. I love it. I had it stored away when I found this rag doll for Thea's Christmas gift. It is from Pottery Barn Kids. It had a knit hat on it originally. I snipped it off (it was only sew tacked down) and re-tacked Thea's baby hat on. It fits exactly right. So soft, just the right color. Hooray. I found this dress for Thea Belle at Target. It's a bit too big for her right now, but I bought it for spring/summer. I love that it looks vintage and handmade and is my favorite colors. Thank you, Charity!

This is what Lincoln was doing while I took Thea's picture.

Guarding the bedroom door...

Just in case...

you never know.

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Miss S said...

I'm glad to see the hat's getting some good action time with the doll :) My sister Faith (super-avid knitter) has been taking the too-small hand-knits she made for her daughter and using them on stuffed animals and dolls. Reduce; reuse; recycle :)