Friday, September 04, 2009

Very Sad

Dietrich has been sobbing and screaming for an hour. He will not go down for a nap. It is inexplicable. He has been waking up every night this week screaming, sobbing, the same. We even take him to bed with us and there is no rest, for him or for us. It is very sad.

He is in his crib in his room right now saying over and over "Momma! No Deke! Baby! Mom! Momma! Deke! No, Baby..." I feel an inscrutable mixture of heart-broken, exhausted, anger, and anxiety. And a little numb because I need him to go to sleep. He needs to go to sleep.

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Luke, Jenn and Haddon said...

did he ever go to sleep? I just found your blog! Haddon did that for an entire month. He was inconsolable when he'd wake up screaming at night. The pediatrician said that sometimes happens right before they go through a major milestone. I love your writing!