Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hunkered Down

Sorry for all the Nancy Wilson lately, but she's really encouraging me...Quote from her blog yesterday:

"Every so often it seems we get ourselves in over our heads, and this is when my husband and I call it time to hunker down. It is funny how comforting it can be knowing that this is just a phase, a season of time that won’t last forever. If we just keep plowing ahead, we’re bound to come out on the other side eventually. Sometimes it is just a pile on the desk that must be dealt with. But that is usually in conjunction with other unforeseen events that require attention and time. Right now I think our children are all in hunker down mode, with more to do than should be humanly possible, or with a normal load but abnormal circumstances that makes the normal seem above and beyond. In due time, all will be back on track. But in the meantime, hunkering down means trudging right on through."

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