Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Atticus' First Day of Preschool

Tuesday Atticus had his first day of preschool. It was uneventful -- He was excited to go, was ready for me to go when I dropped him off, and was "busy going to school" (his words in a serious voice and concentrated brow) when I left. My mom was leaving for home (5 hours away) right after dropping him off with me, so I wanted a picture of them together, but he was too busy playing. So my mom took pictures with him for the picture.

When I picked him up at 11:30am he was reluctant to leave but was unable to tell me anything he had done while there. "Nothing." was his reply after various questioning suggestions from me. My mom said "Welcome to the world of boys." Ah well. Tonight he was happy to find out he gets to go back tomorrow morning -- so that's good.

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Bird said...

I hate that "nothing" response. Drives me crazy.