Friday, September 25, 2009

Ghost Family Meets Mega-Bug

Both boys have enjoyed drawing lately. Atticus usually likes to make monsters. This week he drew this fantastic family of ghosts. They all have rocks on their heads. Atticus said he "made a joke" because he put rocks on the rocks' heads. ha. The ghosts with "x"es on their noses have ow-ies "like Lincoln" (who had scratched his nose the day before). I don't exactly know how Atticus knows what ghosts are??? though I do know he has been very interested in cemetaries lately -- we've been talking about death and what happens to bodies and about the resurrection of Christ and the resurrection of believers when Christ returns, etc. but ghosts never came up so this drawing is somewhat of a mystery on that account.

Atticus told me this is "Mega Bug" with his big big antennae.


Joslin3 said...

I always love seeing and hearing about his drawings. He's so creative!

Elizabeth said...

I might go as "Mega-Bug" for Halloween.

Leah Miller said...

He's an artistic genius. And a comedic genius (rocks on the rocks heads. Haha!).