Friday, September 25, 2009

The Face

Today we found out at the doctor's that Dietrich has contact dermatitis. He's had a worrisome rash around his mouth for two months and I finally brought him in to get looked at this morning. We'll pick up the cortisone from the pharmacy this afternoon and try this for 10 days. If it doesn't clear up, he may have a similar but rarer "peri-oral" dermatitis which calls for topical metrogel. It's not contagious and no one seems to know why kids get it. But they have ways to treat the symptoms that usually causes it to clear up -- kind of like that weird rash Atticus had about a year ago (the one where we went to the dermatologist twice and had to take swards of erythromycin). Anyway, glad to have a plan to help this guy out.


Bird said...

Glad you figured it out, Sarah, and that it's nothing that should be too serious. Hope it clears up soon!

Joslin3 said...

Glad you've got a plan! Hope it's better soon.