Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scary Apple Love

A few weeks ago the boys found a picture of a Halloween Apple Craft where you decorated apples to look like scary monsters using candy and such. They had me put it up on the refrigerator as a dream craft. So last Saturday when our friends Artena and Dana came for dinner it seemed like a perfect night to give it a go! (Artena and Dana are just the sort to not only be sports about such a thing but have fun with it too!) Please forgive the blurriness on so many of the photos -- it is the normal trouble with my camera but usually I try to edit out the many duds -- this time there were too many that showed fun stuff happening so I just let them be!


"Take a picture of mine, Mama!"


"One more, Mama!"

Dana and Atticus Team!

Brad with funky hair -- but a good smile! (Not Brad's sort of craft-activity but he came up with awesome teeth fangs!)



Taking it seriously...


Mmmm...Monster Love!

Mine was seriously evil...I don't know what happened...I just kinda hit upon a nasty formula of demon-ness!

Atticus kept going with his -- adding crazy marshmallow hair...


And another blurry gratuitous photo of Lincoln and Thea Belle...

Thea did this to her apple after watching Atticus...

"See, Mom?!"

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