Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Object at Rest

Does anyone remember Beakman's World? It was a frantic science show from the 90's. I actually never watched it -- I watched Mr. Wizard as reruns from the 1950-70s and occasionally Bill Nye the Science Guy. So I actually did like nerdy science shows but I didn't watch much tv in the 90's because school was pretty intense for me in high school and college. BUT Brad loved Beakman's World. Well, a couple weeks before school started for Atticus I found this show on Netflix. Atticus loved it. So now each school day when he gets of the bus at 2:20 pm we walk home, grab a little snack and I sit on the couch and read my Bible while we watch Beakman's World. It is a good transition for him and it's a good time to "steal" a half hour for some "devotions". It is just like when Atticus was a toddler and loved Sesame Street so much. While Dietrich was taking his morning nap, we would sit together on the couch for his show and I would have devotions. It was a sweet time to be together, to know what he was watching, to have some time with God too. I was sad when that era was over, but now we have this together. And I do love a good science show!

We have done all sorts of experiments from the show...this one Atticus had been planning for a couple weeks -- saving up the toilet paper tubes and reminding us regularly. This one demonstrates the first Newton law, the law of motion: An object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force.

The Broom

Pulled back to flick the folder out from under the tubes/eggs

Well, two out of four is pretty good -- The kids got the idea and no coffee mugs were broken. So: a success! (In case you couldn't tell what happened: The broom flicked the folder forward disengaging the eggs from the toilet paper tubes, but because nothing was pushing the eggs forward, they dropped straight down into the cups (the only force acting on them being gravity. Neat.)

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