Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Quaking Bog with Brad

So we introduced Brad to the Bog this weekend. And, I got us lost again (there was no main map and the signage was not only obscure but also absurd -- like a 4-inch square sign which said "One Way" with two white arrows over-lapping each other pointing up and to the right). And after we decided to just give up and enjoy being in the woods as a family, we found it! It is like some kind of metaphysical reality habitat. Or something.


These tiny fairy vignettes are found everywhere in this glade. If there hadn't been so many mosquitoes I would have lingered in wonder for hours (oh, and that I had five other people with me).

This one I took 30 photos of but couldn't capture why it was so beautiful -- The mushroom was glistening with rainbow colors. The edges variegated inward and then burst into scarlet. The best I could get was with my flash but this isn't it at all.

Some of Thea Belle's "Pancake" mushrooms...

At the end of the trail...Atticus wanted a group shot. Dietrich was parentally threatened in order to get him into the picture.

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