Monday, March 26, 2012

Lincoln Carver is Three!

On St.Patrick's Day Lincoln Carver turned 3! His grandparents weren't able to come for the weekend so they planned to come the beginning of the following week. The Millers couldn't make it nor could the Bergets. But Leah took Lincoln out on his very own for a donut and chatting. Then they read books together . He loves Leah so much. Liz and Eric are taking him on his own to the park this week. On his actual birthday he woke up early to open his gifts. We had a birthday waffle-pancake breakfast party with a few friends from church and then he got to stay up from his nap to go to his first tennis lesson with his brothers (3 is the starting age for the program they are in). In the evening we had the green chocolate cake he requested. This kid. Affectionate, laughs easily, adores his sister, almost always dressed in a super-hero costume with rubber boots; Loves to be part of whatever is happening. Hates being ignored or forgotten or left out.

Atticus got Thea up including "fixing" her hair. Aw, how cute is that?

Embarrassed at his party while everyone sings to him.

Vicky & Matt Rowley; Artena Hiebert & Dana Dexter (yes, he IS that cheesy, but that nice too -- and he's from Michigan)
The Deems, our corner neighbors

Allie Rowley rocks!

Lincoln ready for tennis!

Birthday Cake time

I love you, Lincoln Carver


liz@carpeseason said...

i love this kid. love the superman pic of him in front of the table!

Leah Miller said...

I love him too. He's amazing.