Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

So one of the things that has been keeping me away from this blog has been the renovation of our kitchen. I wanted to do some schmancy reveal photoshoot but it's gonna be another month before we get the last trim, the hardware, lights done, our refrigerator delivered, etc. Meanwhile, we've made awesome progress. I started to write out an impassioned description of all the changes made, but I will wait and do a dedicated post with the before and after photos. Still, I felt like you all needed to know in case you see glimpses of our new room and the living room/dining room area that I've been re-doing too. I'll get there and "talk 'em up" eventually. So, that said, I had a birthday this month -- my 38th -- how 'bout that. And my husband brought me home flowers and candy and good red wine (and ordered our new refrigerator to be delivered in April). And my sister made and delivered me a chocolate (the only kind, really) birthday cake. And my mom and dad sent me a retro bike basket that is in-my-head perfect for my bicycle (pictures to come). And my in-laws funded my crazy paint episode in the living room. And my sister-in-law and brother sent me a coffee mug that keeps your coffee burning hot for half a day -- no kidding -- it is magical. And my friend Leah organized my friends Liz, and Sarah Deems (we only call her by her entire name, in case you wondered), and Anne to surprise me with breakfast at Maria's (a mm-mm Mexican breakfast place nearby).  And I got a date with my husband -- twice -- in a three-day span. THAT was magical. And, guess what, the actual day of my birthday -- all four of the kids were so well-behaved and kind to one another and happy -- ALL DAY (Happy Birthday from God Himself -- who of course engineered all the other wonderfulness, but, happy, well-behaved kids for a WHOLE day, come on!!). I'd better just stop now because no one will be believe me (-:. So good.

I know that cute kids with their little noses in a bouquet of rainbow roses is so trite -- but I promise I did not engineer these photos -- the kids came up with these themselves -- in fact, Atticus took all of these pictures. For real.

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